1) Why purchase a video for your wedding?

Your wedding day passes by in the blink of an eye, faster than you'd think. You want to make sure you have an objective documentarian capturing these moments and creating something beautiful with them. It's also easier to share one video with people then hundreds of photos. Videos are a great way to share the experience of the event for people who couldn’t attend, and may include many beautiful moments that you missed while the cameras were rolling somewhere else. While I often contract other videographers to help cover the events of the day, I personally edit every video produced, as is a passion I developed as a freelance editor in NYC over the course of 8 years. 

2) How do I secure a booking?

Simply email me that you want to be booked. Once you do this the date will be on hold and will remain so unless I receive a challenge from another couple requesting the same date. In this case you get first priority as the first holder to confirm your booking. If you decide to book the date I will send you a contract and when I receive your deposit (half the total cost) your date is secured. To receive a contract I will need both your names, addresses, phone numbers, email, the addresses of the wedding venues, the a la carte items you’d like included in your video, and the phone and email of your wedding planner. Balances are due 4 weeks after your wedding date. 

3) How do you handle payment?

I prefer a check made out to "John Appleton" or payments via Venmo (@john-appleton-2). I ask that a deposit of half the full balance be paid in advance to secure your date and the balance be paid four weeks after the wedding date. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits, balances, and additional costs are included in your contract or itemized on my pricing page. If you choose to add additional services, you will receive an invoice for those services charges in addition to your original contract.

4) Can I add things to my package before or after signing a contract?

Of course! Many couples find that after they see a short film they decide they would also like a feature version. Or they decide a week before their wedding date that they would like to have drone videography, that can certainly be added. With each change you will receive an itemized invoice in addition to your original contract. 

5) Teaser… Highlight… Feature… ? What’s the difference?

Teaser Videos are one minute preview videos which are great for sharing with your family and friends and give you a quick look into what your final video will look like. Think of them like the trailer to the feature film of your wedding! Highlight Videos are short videos, generally between 10 and 14 minutes. These videos take excerpts from everything throughout the day, so while you might not see every single thing that was shot, you will have a polished and artfully crafted concise video that highlights the most significant, poignant, and beautiful moments of your wedding. A Feature Video, sometime referred to as a documentary, shows everything in its entirety. These videos can range anywhere from 35 minutes to two hours depending on the wedding and how much was shot. While these videos may not be as polished, you will see everything in its entirety, meaning every second of the ceremony, introductions, first dances, toasts, and anything else that is captured on your wedding day.

6) I’m camera shy. Do I need to take direction or perform for the camera?

In short, no. I like to take a fly on the wall approach, letting you enjoy your wedding day while staying out of the way as best as I can. That said the most I might ask is that you move into the light coming from a nearby window or repeat an action like tying a tie or kissing your soon to be. I'm also a big fan of the nose rubbing shot. 

7) When can I expect to receive my video(s)?

Each video will be delivered around 2 to 3 months after the wedding, give or take depending on the amount of revisions requested and the time of season. Every couple gets to preview their edited film(s) and request changes if they like at no additional cost before the films are finalized. Free revisions are limited to two. Each revision after costs an additional $150. 

8) How do I receive my videos(s)?

You will be emailed an online downloadable link. You can also embed videos onto your favorite social media directly from my Vimeo page. This is a hosting service I am happy to provide for the streaming of your videos. If you choose to receive an PC/MAC compatible external USB hard drive you will receive full resolution copies of your films in the mail 3-5 business days after all of your videos have been finalized.

9) Do you offer films on DVDs?

No. My first reason is DVD videos are down converted to Stand Definition to fit onto the disc which is a lower quality that just doesn’t look very good. Second, all the compressing, burning, and packaging that goes into creating DVDs is very time intensive and not much fun to be honest. Alternatively, I choose to eliminate this option in order to finish my edits more quickly and have them delivered to my clients sooner. Third, and as sad as it is for me to admit as a film lover, optical discs are becoming obsolete and the ability to play them is quickly vanishing, along with the ability to create them. Think of it like spending extra money to have your wedding put onto VHS. Remember those? Still have a VCR? A digital file however will last for generations and stand the test of time as technology advances. 

10) Can we meet before the wedding?

Of course! I prefer to meet before the big day so we can get to know each other better. That said if you're more than a two hour drive outside of Asheville a Skype or FaceTime meeting might be better than a face to face meeting. My phone consultations are free. 

11) Do you travel for weddings? 

Absolutely! While I shoot predominantly in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, I love to travel and will shoot your wedding where ever it's happening. Getting married in New York City or Miami? No problem. Getting married in Paris? I have a passport. So long as you cover travel expenses, gas, tickets, hotel rooms, etc. we can shoot in Tokyo and I'd be stoked!

12) Do you have insurance? Can you provide a certificate for my venue, etc? 


13) So... music? 

I don't charge any additional fee for music licensing unless a specific song is requested from musicbed.com. https://songfreedom.com/ and https://www.musicbed.com/ are my go to sources for royalty free music licensing. You can request specific songs from these sites or I can make a selection for you. Keep in mind none royalty free music, i.e a song by "The Beatles" can be used for personal viewing but legally cannot be shared publicly. 

14) What exactly is the Vintage/Arthouse service you offer?

Looking for a unique anniversary gift? I can take a pre-existing wedding video and re-edit it to make it look like it was shot in the 60s on Super 8mm film. These films are short, with an experimental touch, and very affordable. I can also shoot and edit an upcoming wedding to be made in this fashion for very affordable prices. See example.

15) Why book with John Appleton Weddings?

I have an inability to offer quantity over quality. 

I am a hopeless romantic. 

I refuse to create anything cheesy or campy. I've seen this in wedding videos but you will never see it in mine. Don't mistake romantic for cheesy, there is a big difference. 

I can offer an artistic sensibility you won't find with other production companies. 

I am open minded and offer vintage and experimental wedding videos. I want to hear your ideas. 

I have been working in video production for over a decade and I stay on top of the ever shifting trends in video technology and in wedding film production.

Your film is not finished being edited until we both agree.

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