Roshni and Jay

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting my first Indian wedding and it was absolutely incredible. I don't know much about Indian culture, but I've always loved Indian food. That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge going into this event. 

Right from the start it was evident that this was going to be no small event. The couple to be married were Roshni and Jay, two genuinely endearing people who were more than a pleasure to work with. They decided to have a traditional Indian wedding at the bottom of an enormous hill that overlooked the James River in Chester, VA. This was an absolutely spectacular view. The ceremony wasn't exactly short, near a hour or so in length, and while it carried with it many traditions which seemed to have been part of their culture's history for ages, the priest conducting them could not have been more delightful. While he made sure that each tradition was carried out correctly, he also continued to humor and amuse the crowd almost as if he was doing a one hour stand up special. The audience was very well dressed in traditional garment, attentive and respective, but filled with smiles and laughter in a way I had never seen at a wedding ceremony. 

Roshni and Jay decided to have their reception at the new venue space in downtown Richmond's Main Street Station which is gorgeous. I had the privilege to work with Ani from Ace of Events who put on one of the most amazing parties I have ever seen. The light show was incredible, the food was authentic and fantastic, and the performances from the family, the reception's band, and the DJ were all top notch. 

It was unlike any wedding I have ever been to and I hope I get to shoot another Indian wedding some day.